Another Scam…


Scammers are always working on new ways to separate you from your money.

Rule #1 – Never wire money without verbally confirming with your Realtor, Loan Officer and Title company.

Here is what happens… Just before closing the buyer gets this email –

“Good morning, Your final figure for closing is $40,941.70, I just received word from the title company and they want the closing funds wired to their trading account as soon as possible to avoid closing delays. This is due to technical issues with their trust account. I will send you the new wiring instructions once you acknowledge the receipt of this email by replying to it. You can send me an email if you need anything else as I will be in a meeting all day and won’t be able to take calls.  Due to the new cash policy, the title company cannot accept cashier’s checks for any amount over $10,000.00. Any amount in excess of $10,000.00 must be sent via wire transfer or funding may be delayed. Let me know if you need anything else..
[signature here was identical to her lender’s email signature]”

The buyer is trying to do everything they can to close on time. It looks real and they initiate a wire transfer… It goes to the scammers account and is quickly transferred out to a foreign bank.

Yes this is real and yes this happened in Tallahassee.

Call your agent, your loan officer or your title company before you send money to anyone!!