Is your listing really where it’s located?


If your selling make sure map links place your property  in the correct location.

I recently found two listings that were placed on maps miles from their actual location.  One map  put the listing in a much less desirable location. I am sure that has cost the seller showings. In the other instance it was showing up as a downtown property  when the listing was miles from the center of Tallahassee. The clients that were searching for a suburban location may never have found the listing!

If you have ever used google or apple maps for directions you know mapping by address is not perfect. As agents we have the ability to geocode every listing connecting the address to GPS coordinates. Map based real estate searches are becoming more and that makes the geocoding even more important. . Most apps allow you to draw a search area. If your property shows up in the wrong spot a buyer may never never know it is on the market.

This is especially important for undeveloped land or new construction where a physical address has not been assigned.

Barry Bevis, Broker/Realtor