One more reason to stay away from Zillow and Trulia!

They are merging!

Zillow is acquiring Trulia and says it will continue running both sites.

Why is this bad? Two words– BAD DATA.


If you have started your home search with either site you have found listings that are under contract, sold months ago,  or don’t even exist on both sites.  Trulia and Zillow accept listings and data from anyone… I can fake a listing on my website and they will post it on their portal. Some agents even copy other agents listings and upload them to Trulia and Zillow. I know they both try to scrub the bad data but they are so concerned with having more listings than their competitors that they are not willing to really verify and clean up what they receive.

Now they are joining forces. I think it will create an even bigger mess!


I encourage my clients to use the only two sites that rely on Direct Data feeds from the Tallahassee MLS. and

Neither allow outside data sources and update their info multiple times a day.

They both have excellent mobile apps as well!


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