Hail Damage

If you live in the Buck Lake area you have seen a lot of your neighbors getting new roofs. You may even have had a roofer knock on your door asking if you want your roof inspected.

I’ve had several clients with real hail damage get new roofs and only had to pay their insurance deductible.  Florida law requires that if 25% or more of the roof is damaged, then the insurance company must pay to replace the entire roof.

The photo below was from a recent home inspection.


But with an increase of claims in the area the insurance companies are looking harder at reports. And a lot of out of town roofers have tried to cash in on the damage. Some have even filed false claims. In the case of the roof above there was no real damage found by the roofer or insurance adjuster. Small hail had dented the soft metal on a roof vent but had not damaged the shingles.

If you think you have hail damage call a local licensed and insured roofer and contact your Insurance company.

And don’t sign any contracts until your sure you have damage your insurance company will cover the re-roof!

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