Back room deals may end up helping underwater homeowners

The Atlantic reported that the Obama administration has a plan that
would allow millions of homeowners with government-backed mortgages to
refinance them at today’s lower interest rates. This could be great
for many homeowners that would like to refinance but homes will not
appraise high enough to qualify.

The interesting twist is they are “pressing New York’s attorney
general to drop its investigation into dodgy foreclosure practices and
settle with the banks.”
Why? They need the banks on their side to put the plan into motion.… Barry Bevis, Broker/Realtor

Smarter Houses…

A Southern California Builder is advertising Smart Homes…Looks Interesting!

“Imagine a home that knows how you like to wake up, with the perfect
lighting, music and climate welcoming you to a new day. Discover the
of previewing your guests and buzzing them in from any level of your
home via a video doorbell and wireless entry. Never again worry when
you’re on the run
about whether you secured your home as you now control your locks when
you’re not even there. At the end of the day, warm up, wind down,
chill out and
tune in as you control the lights, temperature and audio-visual
equipment from the comfort of your couch. Then, utilize the
“goodnight” function to secure
your home by setting nighttime lighting and temperature, locking the
front door and arming the security system.”

Barry Bevis, Broker/Realtor

30 year fixed- 4.25% WOW!

Rates August 17th, 2011 Conventional 30 yr Fixed  –  4.25%  no points

Conventional 15 yr Fixed  –  3.375%  no points Conventional 5/1 2.625% no points

Jumbo 5/1yr arm  – 3.625% no points Jumbo 30 year fixed  – 4.625% no points

FHA 96.5%- 4.25%  – 30 year fixed  with 2.5% lender credit VA 100%- 4.25% – 30 year fixed with 2.5% lender credit

All conventional loan rates are based on a middle credit score of 740 
or higher and a loan amount of $150k or higher on a primary residence
purchase.  All rates based on purchase money mortgages for primary
residences.  Jumbo loans are loan amounts over $417k with 20% down
Rates are subject to change based on market conditions and are
intended to be used as a guide only.  For up to the minute rates,
please call for a rate quote.
For Apr example calculations—please visit
For more information on our loan programs or to make an application,
please contact:
Tyler Oden
NMLSR# 659664 
Office:  850 425-6716 
Fax:  850 425-6730 
Mobile: 850 294-6626

Is Trying to Kill the Virtual Tour?

Buyers love Virtual tours- I can’t tell you how many buyers tell me they want to see a home after viewing the virtual tour. In the past I’ve had great traffic on my listings with Virtual Tours- Significantly more than for listings without them. But, over the past three years has reduced the emphases on Virtual Tour links…

The link used to be big, flashy and look like this:
Then they reduced the size and the traffic on my virtual tours through shrunk.
Well they just shrunk it again….
Its obvious they are trying to take the focus off the virtual tour link. The results of the redesign? More of my virtual tour hits are coming from, Trulia, Facebook,  and my personal website.
Why is doing this? It’s always about the money. The tour link takes the “lead” to an outside website that is beyond’s grasp. So, Maybe they are getting ready to charge me for a big tour link? Or maybe they are going to start their own tour company.
Whatever the reason-
Barry Bevis, Broker/Realtor

There is a Hurricane coming…

It may not do damage to your house but it may delay your closing.

If a hurricane has even the slightest chance of making landfall most insurance companies will not write new policies.

If you are buying property in the next 10 days Call your insurance agent today and bind your policy!
Barry Bevis, Broker/Realtor

Destroy assets to help the housing market?

So Bank Of America has a new plan to get rid of some of their bad assets… Bulldoze the house and give the land to the local government.
I’m sure the local municipalities will love this payoff… 
BOA says one of the reasons they are doing this is to save the cost of paying property taxes.
Does something about this just smell funny?

Read more here:

Barry Bevis, Broker/Realtor