4.375% on a 30 Year fixed….For Real?

Rates June 8th, 2011 
Conventional 30 yr Fixed  –  4.375% no points
Conventional 15 yr Fixed  –  3.75% no points
Conventional 5/1 arm – 2.99% no points
Jumbo 5/1yr arm  – 3.75% no points
Jumbo 30 year fixed  – 4.75% no points
FHA 96.5%- 4.25%  – 30 year fixed  no points
VA 100%- 4.25% – 30 year fixed no points For more information on our loan programs or to make an application,
please contact:
Tyler Oden
Office:  850 425-6716 
Fax:  850 425-6730 
Mobile: 850 294-6626 

All conventional loan rates are based on a middle credit score of 740 
or higher and a loan amount of $150k or higher on a primary residence
purchase.  Max loan to value on all conventional loans is 95% due to
mortgage insurance guidelines. (debt to income ratio is limited for
mortgage insurance above 90% loan to value)   All rates based on
purchase money mortgages for primary residences.  Jumbo loans are loan
amounts over $417k with 20% down minimum. Rates are subject to change based on market conditions and are
intended to be used as a guide only.  For APR and up to the minute
rates, please call for a rate quote.

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