Craigslist Scam Warning…

This week I listed 2038 Florida Avenue for sale. 


Yesterday I got a call from someone asking if it was for sale or rent.
At first it sounded normal- Frequently people call asking if a seller
would consider renting their property
Then they told me the owner was asking them to transfer a rental
deposit into their account….

They directed me to a Craigslist post advertising it for rent.
I checked with the seller and confirmed it is not them

The link to the Craigs list post is
That the right house and address…just fake info.

The scammer grabbed the address and photos off the internet-
potentially my website.
I’m guessing they looked up the owners name on the property appraisers
website and got a Yahoo email address that  looks like his name.
The owners name is Mike Houghton… thus the
email – not really the owners email address.
Now the scammer  is trying to get people to transfer deposit money
into his bank account. I wonder how often this occurs without the agent or owner ever knowing…

Just for fun I replied to the email asking about the rental and got a
very detailed friendly email back from the Scammer. I’ve reported it to Craigs list as a scam but its still up on their site.
And contacted the local police department- curious what they will do.

If your looking to rent in Tallahassee be sure to read this post

Barry Bevis, Broker/Realtor

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