Home Vacancy Rates in Leon County 10.63%

News reports are saying that there are too many vacant homes in Florida. But the numbers show Tallahassee still has a pretty healthy housing market and only a slightly elevated number of vacant homes. This just reinforces Tallahassee is an insulated market…  Be happy if you live or work here!
US 2010 Census data just released shows that 17.5% of homes in Florida are empty…
Some counties have a 30%, 40% or even 50% vacancy rate.
The good news is in Leon county the statistic is 10.63% which is only 3.45% above what it was in 2000.
Statistically speaking that’s about the same… Although you could say its a 48% increase. Don’t you love statistics!
Consider that we grew housing units by about 20% over the last 10 years and we could eat that 3.45% up in less than two years.
We still have some inventory to work through but the Tallahassee housing market is not as bad as most parts of the state!
See our current Census data below from the Sun Sentinel.
To see all the Census data for Leon County:

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