Killearn Lakes Sewer

If you are looking at a home in Killearn Lakes be sure to ask if its 

on City Sewer or Septic.
You can have it inspected during your contingency period. Be sure to
use a licensed plumber or septic company.

The rule is simple- You can have it pumped but not repaired.
So if the drain field needs to be replaced or a take leaks you have to
abandon it and hook up to city sewer.
The average septic tank lasts a long time but drain fields will fail
in 12 to 20 years
That means a system on a house built in the 80’s is probably on its last leg.

If you can’t fix your problem with “Regular Maintenance” then you have
to hook up to the City of Tallahassee system.
It will cost you about 10K total to connect.
Barry Bevis, Broker/Realtor

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